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Building with Circular Aura

Pieces of The Past is a family-owned business started in 1991 by Duane and Cheri Peterson. It is a retail shop that specializes in handcrafted country furniture as well as unique decorating accessories and gifts.  What makes Pieces of The Past's furniture so unique is the wood.  Our family resurrects old barn wood, restores it, and builds beautiful furniture out of it.  Any wood that is milled today can be used, but the old barn wood is by far the most popular.  Everything you see in our store can be purchased and taken home today.  However, our designers/builders will also customize a single piece of furniture or an entire set of kitchen cupboards for that special look you can't find anywhere else as well.

Cheri's parents John and Pat started building this wonderful country furniture out of their home in 1974.  The pieces became so popular that business soon exploded. 

Pieces of The Past is located in the former Winona Candy Company pictured in this 1928 photo supplied by the Winona County Historical Society.